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Help Support Letterman John Thompson

Thompson is shown here with his Brothers of Phi Delta Theta in 1967. He is in the third row, 5th from left

This is a plea for help in assisting Brother Phi John Thompson ('67) during his last days on this earth.  The messages, events, and actions that have already taken place concerning him in the last few days are much too complicated and voluminous to be related in detail here, but the essence of the situation is in the message below, originally sent by Brother Dick Dreher ('68) last Friday (August 25) to Brother Sandy Deveney ('70).

"JT" is already under hospice care in Birmingham, AL, and living in a mobile home park trailer with - according to reports - "a mattress, a chair, and a fan (no a/c)”, and it is hoped he can be transported safely to the home of Brother Jim Haas ('67) in Unionville, PA, outside of Philly.  

JT’s current condition will not permit him to be transported that distance by automobile, so charter air travel is the only alternative, but it is very expensive (over $9,000), and, although some agencies offer air transportation at low or no cost, our investigations cannot find one wherein JT would qualify.  

Without knowing if complying with Dick's request for financial assistance could be legitimately granted by 240 N Burrowes Road Alumni Association (240 N), and because of the urgency of the matter, the executive committee decided an immediate, but informal, request to our alumni could be made until an official policy could be properly discussed, developed, and adopted for the future.

Please read Dick Dreher's original message (below) and then respond as you are able to the request for contributions to get John Thompson ('67) out of his current residence and into the care of Jim Haas, a compassionate Brother Phi, and his wife, who is a RN.

Contributions in any amounts will be appreciated, but an average of $50 to $60 is probably needed to fully fund this undertaking. To donate online, click HERE

Thomas L Smith '54, Director
240 North Burrowes Road Alumni Association
1254 Northampton St
State College  PA  16803
Home - 814-238-1184
Cell - 814-308-2040


I want to forward a lot of correspondence regarding John Thompson, Phi class of 1967.  He is in very serious medical condition with stage-4 pancreatic cancer and having spread to the liver.  He is currently under hospice care in Birmingham, AL.

We are trying to get him to PA as Jim Haas, Phi '67, and his wife (Caroline, registered RN) have offered to take him in for his final days.  The outpouring of concern, love, care, etc. from PSU Phis has been unbelievable along with football players from his days at PSU.

 We looked at one option of hiring a medical flight with nurse to go from Birmingham to Philadelphia.  Total cost is approx. $10,000.  JT balked at such, as his ability to make rational decisions has long passed.  In addition, he has been living in deplorable conditions and we have no idea if he has any money at all.

Question - would the Phi Delt Corporation ( 240 North Burrowes Corporation? ) consider spending $10,000 of that $1.2 million as a humanitarian expense to help a living PA Theta in grave need in his final days?  We are also trying to ascertain if he is capable of flying commercial to Philly and, if that is the case, I will accompany him and obviously it is no way near as expensive.

 Just a wild thought but an incredible story of how brothers from 50 years ago are totally involved in trying to help a brother.

 I want to add you to the loop, regardless of the expense question.  Many of my friends down here cannot get over the compassion and offers that so many fraternity brothers from 50 years ago are trying to make happen.

Dick Dreher
Phi, Class of 1968

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