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Executive Board

The Executive Board is empowered to transact the business and administer the affairs of the club within the framework of the constitution and its bylaws. The Board is made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Club Administrative Assistant, and Athletic Department Administrator. The Executive Board and any other interested club members meet as follows:

  1. Homecoming weekend & Blue/White weekend
  2. At other times that may be deemed necessary by the President or Executive Board

2017 Executive Board:

President: Brad Scovil '81

The President presides at all meetings of the Club and the Executive Board. His primary responsibilities are to appoint committees, direct Club activities,call meetings of the Executive Board, and call general meetings when necessary. 

Vice President: Stephen Pitts '95

The Vice President is a member of the Executive Board and any committees to which he shall be named. In addition, he acts on behalf of the President in cases of absence or incapacitation. 

Secretary/Community Relations: Lydell Sargeant '08

Treasurer: John Kulka '69

Club Administrative Assistant: Angie Hummel

Athletic Department Administrator: Wally Richardson '96

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